1. Civil, Structural and Architectural Design

We have an entire team of trained, knowledgeable and qualified architects, draftsman, engineers and designers at your disposal. Whether it is a requirement of additional help to supplement the team for a particular architectural project or a requirement of engineers to take over a certain phase of the project we deliver promptly and with efficiency.

We are a structural consultant offering a comprehensive suite of structural architectural services including designing, drafting, and other modern technological advancements. Our diverse capabilities and cross sector expertise have made us a preferred destination among construction companies, engineering and architectural firms.

With an expert team, we design residential, commercial buildings, industrial structures like chemical plants, churches, schools, colleges, hospitals, equipment foundations and many more. Our team of designers and architects offer innovative solutions with respect to designing, planning, constructing, etc. 

As a major structural consultant, our drafting services have no comparison. It forms the pillar to planning, and execution for any project. We emphasize on AutoCAD, CATIA to create simple user interface, for easier designing solutions. Keeping this in view, we produce high quality drawings using people having great expertise in this area.

We use latest facilities to analyze spatial information, edit data, maps, and present the results of all these operations. We fully consider the design requirements, deadlines, resource availability and budget while drawing up the estimation before we submit the request for proposal.

Our personnel are all well versed in their skill sets and set out to conquer the challenges ahead. Our services would surely build your brand identity and take you where you deserve to be- at the top.

An integrated, multi-disciplined team provides more responsiveness and coordination between disciplines. Changes occur faster and drawing conflicts are reduced to a minimum.

2. Green Building and Sustainable Design

Our designs for new and renovated facilities strive to minimize the negative impact and maximize the positive impact on energy usage and the environment. This includes Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects which utilize alternative energy and energy efficiency strategies.

3. Overall Project Management from Concept to Completion

Our experience and diversity enables us to deliver comprehensive design and management services. We provide assistance from site selection, through design and construction, all the way to the occupancy and maintenance of your facility.

4. Energy Monitoring Services

We offer energy monitoring systems and services for residential and commercial use. These provide continuous usage data available to customers via a handheld remote and the Internet and help satisfy the requirements of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects. We also offer instant email and text message alerts for critical issues, such as atypical usage and power outages.

5. Interior Decoration/ Designers

We offer interior decoration and designing for educational institutions and commercial purposes. Our designers strive to give a different look to the interiors keeping in mind the requirements and budget. 

6.  Rehabilitation and Repair of Buildings

We have an experienced team of architectural designer, who offers rehabilitation and repair services of buildings. We offer solutions at reasonable rates and have completed many projects successfully. 

7. Landscape Design Services

We have wide experience in landscaping services. Our talented teams of architects offer creative and rational landscaping architecture services enhancing the beauty of the place

We specialize in all areas of landscape design, planning, consultation services, and implementation including master planning, large scale residential planning, and specialized garden plans.

We have the horticultural and aesthetic expertise and experience to create Master plans for new spaces, update existing spaces, and develop a Master Plan for a property both large and small.

We closely work with each client by carefully listening to the desires and needs so that we can translate their desire into a pleasing and aesthetic landscape to enjoy for many years. We provide assistance in providing service, installation and planning:

    • Masonry
    • Plant Installation
    • Water Features
    • Custom Fencing
    • Iron Works
    • Lighting
    • Plant Care
    • Tree Removal and Maintenance
    • Landscape Maintenance

8. Acoustical Work

We distribute sound treatment, soundproofing and other acoustical products for commercial and residential projects needing acoustical solutions. Our products range from acoustical wall panels and ceilings to acoustical adhesives and sound barrier sheets and everything in between.

We started out with industry experience and a drive to provide complete solutions to people seeking acoustical services. Our team of employees knew that no single product would provide the total solution, so they worked diligently to develop product lines that would allow a holistic approach to creating truly customized acoustical solutions. 

It was with this belief, and industry expertise, that the company was started. For projects ranging from sound studios to classrooms, worship facilities to manufacturing plants, we provide solutions that simply work, no matter what.